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Spiritual Dates and Times from Sufi Tariqah- when Duas are Best done

Every 11th Night of every Month is called Ghyaar-veen Shreef in Urdu or the 11 Night in English, and arabic Mawlid Night, these nights are as followed based on . This was started by Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Jilani the Master of Master of All Sufis.

The Purpose was to get all the Poor people, Mureeds and from Maghrib of 11th til Fajr 12th day -Dhikr, Duas, Quran and Espeically Praise of the beloved sayyiduna Rasul peace and blessing be upon was perfom ,it as a night of mawlid. The practice today is now also honouring the Master Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Jilani as well on this Night. The Dates are as follow Note:- the following are all based on 11th of every of Islamic Calendar

20th Feb 05
22 March 05
20 april 05
20 May 05
18 Jun 05
18 July 05
17 Aug 05
15 Sep 05
15 Oct 05
14 Nov 05
13 Dec 05
Jan 06

Other Spiritual nights are every Thursday nights, this is the night when the Deeds of Man go to Allah, thus its sunnah to Fast on Thursdays and Mondays. As for Mondays this was the Day our beloved sayyiduna Rasul peace and blessing be upon, was Born so he honoured his Birthday, he would fast on this day. If that isn't celebrating ones brithday, then what is, remember Fasting is a Form of ibaadah-Worship. So doing Mawlid on the above nights is thus Ibaadah in a different form.

Also every Thursday nights is also the night that the Souls are set free, and they roam around and go back to their relatives homes, so by doing Dua also for them on this night will bring them much happeness and relief.

This is why So Many Sufi Tariqahs perform Dhikrs onThursday nights around the world.

Some of these references can be found in books like Ghazalis Book of Death and afterlife Also in, How the Living can help the Dead fromThe Lives of Man by Imam 'Abdallah Ibn 'Alawi al-Haddad.

other reading references and complied by

Muhammad Sajad Ali Qadiri-Noshahi -Blessing for dead and the Living and My Personal Advice on :-Khatam Shareef & Ghawth al Azim’s Help & Dua's for protection

more to be added about other Holy Spiritual Nights when Duas are Best done.

To be covered when Hizbul Bahr, the Famous Shaykh Abul Hassan Shadhiliyah Wadhifa is best read, What Hour of Friday is the Holy Hour, Holy hour everyone night, the Manners -Adaab of Duas's and the State one needs to try to sleep in....... will be added and talked about.

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yours Muhammad Sajad Ali

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