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Translator’s Note



Of the various editions of Dala’il ul-Khayrat available, this translation into English is based on the version of the text commonly available in Turkey and in the Indian sub-continent. Readers familiar with other editions, such as the Moroccan or Egyptian editions, will, therefore, notice some minor differences. These generally involve, on the one hand, the arrangement of the text of Dala’il itself, and on the other, the addition of certain other well-known formulations of blessings and supplications which are traditionally placed either before or after the main text (e.g. Shahili’s Hizb ul-Bahr, Ibn Mashish’s Salat, Ahmad Ibn Idree’s Al-Astighfar ul-Kabeer, etc.)

This translation is of the entire text of Dala’il ul-Khayrat with only the minor additions of some verses following on from the Most Beautiful Names and verses ascribed to Imam Jazuli towards the end of part eight.

The translator hastens to point out that he is not a scholar of the Arabic language and welcomes comments on weaknesses in the translation and suggestions for improvemnets.

This work has been undertaken and made available with the approval of my Sheikh and Teacher, Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani.

Translated by Siddi Hassan Rosowsky