An-Nafs al-Kamala: The Perfect Nafs
The Seventh Station

The walking of an-nafs al-kamala is by Allah, its world is multiplicity in unity, and unity in multiplicity, its place is the Most Hidden that is the most hidden secret (1), its state is the subsistence (baqa'), its source (warid) is all the previously mentioned of the waridat (places, sources of arrival) of the nafs, and it combines all of the aforementioned qualities. The name with which he is engaged in, “Ya Allah! Ya Qahhar!” [O Compeller, the One who imposes His wishes on the creation without resistance.]

This is the greatest of all stations because the inward has total dominion, and al-mujahada has been brought to completion. He has no other desire and attainted the good pleasure of Allah. All his movements are acts of goodness, his every breath is an expression of power and wisdom and worship. When he is seen by people, they are reminded of Allah, and how could they not, when he is the friend of Allah, and he is the Friend.

This is the fourth station in the stations of friendship with Allah, and the fourth station is the station of common awliya, and the fifth station is the station of the elect awliya, and the sixth station of the elect of the awliya. So glory be to Him. Nothing withholds what He gives, and nothing can give what He withholds.

Know that he names Ya Allah and Ya Qahhar are the names of al-Qutb (the spiritual axis), and this name al-Qahhar is granted to him by his Lord or Master. The gnostics say that with this name, the qutb gives his disciples whatever he needs to give them from the gifts of the lights and the good tidings. From this the seekers experience happiness, joy, and attraction in their hearts, in addition to what they gain from doing dhikr and from turning to Allah.

The person in this maqam never tires of worship with the body, the tongue, the heart, the hand, or the foot. He asks forgiveness in abundance. He is immensely humble. His joy and delight are in seeing creation turn to the Haqq. His sorrow and anger are in seeing then turn their back to the Haqq. He loves the seekers of truth more than he loves his own children. He has no hatred for any creature even though he commands to good and forbids evil. He expresses his love to those who deserve it and upholds the truth of Allah, regardless of blame. He puts everything in its place. Whenever he turns his attention to anything, Allah makes it for him as he wills, because his will is inside the will of Allah. So if he wills something and he asks for it, Allah does not deny it because he is a slave by his Lord. His hearing is divine hearing, and it is so with his seeing and with his will. If he wills something, it becomes by the permission of Allah. Allah is our support, and success is through Him, wa al-hamdulillahi rabbi-l- ‘alamin.


Ya Allah!
Ya Qahhar!

1. The relationship between it and the Hidden is similar to the relationship of the ruh to the body.