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Six ways how minor Sins became Major sins

1.Persistence in sins - Persistence in doing minor sins turns them into Major sins. As Major sins became minor with seeking continuous forgiveness. And thus minor sins turns to. Major sins

2.Thinking Sins trivial - To think or consider a Minor Sin as something trivial that is something small. While Major sin becomes small while thinking there something great. As thinking that sins are something great only brings fear of Allah. And thus minor sins turns to. Major sins

The Sin which is unforgivable is that of when someone says ‘This is Easy, if only all my sins were like this '! Thus belittling and making sins look relatively small and insignificant.

3.To enjoin sins - To celebrate about sins, to enjoin and delight in them by boasting to others who they deceived someone and laughing about their sins. And thus minor sins turns to. Major sins

4.Deluded of not being punished – to think Allah's favours are on him because no punishment has come to them yet! The sins are veiled because Allah has given some respite, some time; but they think Allah's has blessed them. And thus minor sins turns to. Major sins

5. Making Sins Public - Publicly going out and let others will only plant desires in peoples hearts to Sin and if they sin because of listening to you, you also will that the burden of their sins also. And encouraging people to sin will double your sins. And thus minor sins turns to Major sins

6.  Sins of Leaders and Learned ones (Ulema) – The common folk will say ‘if it was not supposed to be done, he would have not done it.', as they being our leaders are our example in Islam and those will trust and follow. If they the learned do any good act they will receive 1000 reward but if they do a sin they also will receive 1000 sins.

Because they have students that follow them in example and thus can turn a whole region or country in ruin. As they student will only emulated their teachers. It is for this reason that the learned are in this peril and need to on guard with minor sins more that others and more stricter with themselves. And thus minor sins turns to Major sin.