Song Written Before the Prophet

Nahnu fi Rawdati Rasuli hudurun

                          We are present here together in the Meadow of the Prophet
                             Hoping for God's pleasure and acceptance in this place.

                          We have come, O best of those to whom mankind turn for safe refuge,
                              Broken and brought low and in a most bewildered state.

                          Therefore ask Allah on our behalf for every form of kindness
                             So that at the Rising all our hopes may be fulfilled.

                          It is clear that you have magnitude of power beyond comparing,
                             For, before your Message, every Messenger must yield.

                          It is you who are the gateway to our God in every good thing.
                            All who come to you win God's good pleasure and arrive.

                          Every secret of the Prophets throughout time has only come from
                             Your exalted station - as all true reports confirm.

                         I have sought for intercession in my business, O my God, with
                             One whose intercession You have promised to accept.

                         All of those who end their journey with an open-handed host will
                             Gain their furthest wish along with all that they desire.

                         So we give our thanks to God for every time that He has blessed us
                                  Granting us a visit to the Messenger we love.

                         And for every chance to visit the inhabitants of Baqi,
                                   All of the Companions and the offspring of Batul.

                         And for every chance to visit all the wives and all the daughters,
                                   And the son, of mankind's rescuer on the Final Day.

                         And for every chance to visit those who fell at Uhud's battle,
                                  All the noble martyrs and the Prophet's uncle too.

                         We request from you, by means of them, complete and perfect safety
                                  On our homeward journey and then after we arrive.

                         And we ask for rescue, on that Day when everyone will gather,
                                   And for safety, from the stupid ignorance of fools.

                         O our Lord pour down Your blessing on the Prophet and his family
                                   And on his Companions and on all who follow him.

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