Its called Qasidah Ghausia in the Indo-pak region

The Wine Ode [al-Khamriyya]


This is found in Al-Fuyudat al-Rabbaniyya (Emanations of Lordly Grace) by Al-Baz Publishing, Inc. How ever is called The Wine Ode al-Khamriyya. In their book. But its called Qasidah Ghausia to Indo-pak region of people.

The red stars are the rough translations by Aisha Bewley which DOES NOT appear in the Baz version . Also the the squence is different from the Baz Version.

WARNING !!! If you DONT have ( ‘Ijazah –Permission) to read this from a Shaykh, it can make you go MAD.

So Please ask a Shaykh/Pir who can give permssion to read it. I’m not happy that people have put Wazeefah’s on the net, and have said ‘Oh anybody and read this this or that’.. This is not the opinion of people of Tariqah & ‘ijaazah you don’t give children guns to play with, this Qasidah is a more that a nuclear Bomb! So please don’t laugh and take heed.

Shaikh Abd al-Qadir (may Allah be well pleased with him) said: "Countless benefits accompany this ode [qasida] , called The Wine Ode [al-Khamriyya] , and its recitation. " It is for the purpose of attracting the Eternal Emanations [al-Fuydat-samadaniyya] by means of the Gilani presence, and each verse is famous for a special property, which makes it unique and able to stand by itself. It reads as follows:


In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.

Bismi'llahi 'Rahmani 'r-Rahim.


Love gave me the goblets of union to drink,

Saqanil bubbu kaasatil wasaali

so I said to my wine: "Come here toward me!"

fa qultu li-khamrati nahwi ta ‘aali


It came running and walking toward me in tumblers,

Sa’ at wa-mashat li-nahwi fe ku ‘uwsin

so I experienced ecstasy in my drunkenness among the Masters.

fa-himtu bi-sakrati bai-nal-mawaali


I said to all the Cardinal Poles: " Assemble

fa-qultu li-saa-i-ril Aqtabi lummu

at my tavern, and enter, for you are my men!

Bi-haali wad-khulu antum rijaali


Experience ecstasy, and drink, you are my soldiers!'

wa hummu wash-rabu wa antum januwdi

So the cupbearer of the [Lord's] people

was quick to bring me sufficient supply.

fa saaqil qawmi bil wafe malali


You drank what I had left over after I got drunk,

Sharub-tum fad-lati mim ba’di suk-ri

but you did not reach my exaltation and my state of connection.

wala nil-tum ‘u-luwwi watti saali


High is your station, each and all, and yet

muqaa mukumul ‘ ulaa jam-awwa- lakin

my station is above you, higher still.

maaqami fawqa-kum maa-zaliali


In the presence of nearness I am on my own;

ana fe hadra tit-taqree-bi wahdi

the Lord of Majesty disposes of me, and He is enough for me!

yu-sar-rif-ni wahasbi Dhul-halali


I am the grey falcon of every Shaikh.

anal baziyyu ashhabu kulli Shaikhin

and who among men has received the same as I!

wa man dha fir-rijaalu’-ti mithali


He clad me in a robe in honor's style,

kasaa-ni khil’atam bitaraa zi-‘az-min

and crowned me with perfection's crowns.

wa-tawwaj-ni bateeja nil-kamali


He made me aware of an ancient secret,

wa-atla’-ne ‘ala sirrin qadee-min

invested me with rank and gave me all I asked.

wa qallada-ne wa a’taa-ne su-ali


He has appointed me over all the Cardinal Poles,

wa walla ne ‘alal aqtabi jam’an

so my decision is effective in every case.

fahak-mi naa-fidhun fe kulli-hali


Were I to cast my innermost being into the oceans

fa-law alqai-tu sirri fe bi-haarin

they would all become a depression in the void.

lasaa-ral kullu ghaw-ran fiz-zawali


Were I to cast my innermost being upon the mountains,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fe ji-baalin

they would be leveled low and disappear among the sands.

la-dukkat wakh-tafat bai-nar-rimalii


Were I to cast my innermost being upon a fire,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fawqa na-rin

it would die out and be extinguished by the secret of my state.

la-khamidat wan-tafat min sirri haali


 Were I to cast my innermost being upon a corpse,

wa-law alqai-tu sirri fawqa mai-tin

it would rise up through the power of the Lord and walk for me.

la-qaama bi-qudratil mawla ta’aa-li


Neither months nor long ages of time

wa ma-minha shuhu-ran aw duhuw-ran

pass and go by without my getting news.

tamur-ru wa tan-qadee illa ata-nee


They inform me of what is to come and to happen, and let me know

wa tukh-biru ne bima yati wa yaj-ri

when to cease from debate.

wa tu’-limu -nee fa-aqsiran jidali


My disciple, experience ecstasy, have fun, relax, sing,

muridee him wa tib wash tah wa-‘anni

do what you will, for the name is a high one.

wa if-’al ma-tashaa uw fil-ismu ‘aa-li


My disciple, do not fear! Allah, my Lord,

muridee lata-khaf Allahu rabbi

has given me eminence; I have attained the heights.

a-ta-ne fir’atan nal-tul manali


Drums sounded in heaven and on the earth,

Tabu-ne fis-sama-ai wal ardi duqqat

and the sergeant of bliss appeared to me.

wa shaa uw sus-sa’aadati qad-bada-li


The lands of Allah are my kingdom under my rule, and my time

bila-dullahi mulki tahta hukme

before my transformation has been happy for me.

wa wati qabla qalbi qad sifaa-li


I looked upon all the cities of Allah together

nazartu ila bila-dillahi jam’an

as a mere mustard,seed compared to my connection [with Him].

ka-kharda-latin ‘ala ukmitti sa-li


I studied knowledge till I became a Cardinal Pole,

darastu la-’ilma hatta sartu qutban

and gained felicity from the Lord of lords.

wa naltus-sa’da min mawlal mawa-li


My men are fasting in the midday heat,

ri-jaali fe hawa jiri him siya-mun

like pearls in the darkness of the night.

wa fe zul-milla-yali kullu-lali **


Every saint has a precedent, and I

wa kullu wa-liy-lahu qadamuw-wa inni

am in the footstep of the Prophet, the full moon of perfection.

ala qadamin-nabi badril kamali


A Makkan Hijazi Hashimi Prophet

nabiyyun hashmi shami makki hijazi

is my ancestor by whom I obtained friends/followers.**

huwa jaddi bihi nil tul mawa-li


Who is like me among the awliya' of Allah

fa-min fe awliya Allahi mithli

and like me in knowledge and action. **

wa man fil-‘alimi wat-tas-reefi hali


My disciple, do not fear a traitor,

Mureedi lata-khaf washin fa-inni

for I am a resolute slayer in the fray.

‘azu-mun qati-lun ‘indal qata-li


I am al-Jili Muhyi'd-din is my name,

anal-Jiliyu Muh-yid-dini ismi

and my banners are on the mountain peaks.

wa a’lami ‘ala raasil jibali


I am al-Hasani and the inner chamber is my station,

Anal-hasaniyyu wal makh-d’a maqami

and my feet are on the necks of men.

wa aqdami ‘ala ‘unu-qir-rijali


Well am I known by the name of ‘ Abd al-Qadir,

wa Abdul-qadiril mashhuru ismi

and my forefather is the very master of perfection.

wa jaddi sahibul ‘ainil kama1.