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Deen Islam - " Reviving Lost Spiritual Knowledge"

DeenIslam is NON-PROFIT Sadaqah Group-teaching Islam through Multi-Media

Our DVD/VCDs are Now avaliable to purchase only 1 @ £4.00 3 @ £ 10.00
full details below with pricing and P&P costings. List updated 12th Jan 05

3 DVDs with shaykh Abdul 'Aziz Fredricks lecture from "The Book of Perishing Vices" - al-Nasaih al-Diniyya" by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi Al-Haddad This is the only English Version of the text as the Arabic is yet not fully Translated its the section called "Vices of the limbs" 4.5 hours long, lecture ends with amazing classial Mawlid sings with Muhibi-Rasul.

Also just made a Hajj basics Jan 05 talk Tips and hanafi fiqh with Penatlies - like giving Qurbani for every hair one pulls out and eye file one kills. by Shaykh Muhammad al Yazdani Misbahi Al Hanafi Al-Azhari this is 3 hours long on two DVDS

Soon coming out Hanafi Fiqh Classes-Basic Fiqh Lesson 1& 2 - Nur-ul-Idaah by Shaykh Muhammad al Yazdani Misbahi Al-Azhari DVDs

More titles to be added on yet.

To order any of the above DVDs email islam2jannat@yahoo.co.uk
or ring Sajad -Berkshire.UK 07748 65 20 27

Pricing for DVDs

Post and Packaging

£ 1 @ £4.00

1 @ £1.50, 2 @ £2.00

£ 3 @ £ 10.00 ( one free)

3 @ £2.50, 4 @ £3.00
£ 7 @ £ 20.00 (two free) 5 @ £3.50, 6-7@ £5.00
Note add the Posting to your total