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Deen Islam -Sadaqah Group "In an age of terror, Reviving Lost Spiritual Knowledge"

Pictures from the Event with Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz Ahmed Fredrickes with singing group sensation Muhibi Rasul -Nasheed Group, the Mawlid/Dhikr was performed after the Day Course the Shaykh taught which will be available on VHS with the Mawlid Insha'llah in about a few weeks in slough Al-Hira, Ragstone Rd Slough,Berks

Muhibi Rasul singing 1
Muhibi Rasul singing 2
Muhibi Rasul singing 3
Muhibi Rasul singing 4
Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz singing 5
Muhibi Rasul singing with the Shaykh 6
Shaykh Abdul'Aziz Ahmed, Ifraaz and Muhammad Sajad Ali 7
Muhibi Rasul singing 8
Muhibi Rasul singing 9
Muhibi Rasul singing 10
Singing Burdah with Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz 11
Muhibi Rasul singing 12
end Dua 13
Shaykh Abdul'Aziz Ahmed Huging a Brother 14
Muhibi Rasul and Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz Ahmed 1