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Deen Islam -Sadaqah Group "In an age of terror, Reviving Lost Spiritual Knowledge"

Who are Muhibbi-Rasul-Nasheed group

The singing group sensation Muhibi Rasul -Nasheed Group. included myself and 8 or 9 other brothers. The main Singings are below. Which is Brothers Nadeem, Abid, Naveed, Shazad, 2 Saleems,Abdul-Razzaq Naheed and myself Muhammad Sajad Ali i'm Also promote and Organise Events.








Currently own used to sing privately in Houses and after Dhikr on Saturday Nights or birthdays and Mawlid Months in slough mainly. the Group has been singing for more then 5 years. We now are starting to sing in open events Halls and Mosques and so forth. You reallly need to hear us sing and it wikll rapture your Hearts. The signing is done with Love and and with the intention of Ibadah.

We Sing mainly from the Book o Imam Diba'e and other Qasidah's including Qasidah Burdah Shareef and Qasidah Muhammadiyyah. More info on events email me on at durood@yahoo.com or phone 07748 65 20 27

P.S Ihave to get my hands on some more pcitures of the whole groups together singing, above is just main singers. at a venue Sunday 11th July 2004 in Slough singing with Shaykh Abdul-'Aziz Ahmed Fredickes.

Currently we have no Cd's out yet but have got VHS recordings of the group singing, which are available again email or phone for details.