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Deen Islam -Sadaqah Group "In an age of terror, Reviving Lost Spiritual Knowledge"

Nabi Youns

(archaeological Sites 30 km)

Near Jiyeh on the coast between Damour and Sidon is Nabi Younis, where tradition says the Prophet Jonah came ashore after he was swallowed by a whale. Although little remains today, it was also the site of the Byzantine settlement of Porphyeon, which probably reached its height during the 6th century AD.
Here a medieval shrine to Jonah was found beneath the sands. Now a mosque, the shrine also has a

Nabi Younis: The Mosque

vestige of old Porphyeona monolithic column with a late Roman or Byzantine Corinthian capital. Inside the shrine is an old mihrab and a small chamber holding one of the several supposed tombs of Jonah.
A number of beautiful mosaic floors from early Christian and Byzantine basilicas have been found in El-Jiyeh itself. These are on display at Beiteddine Palace.

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