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Bismillahi Babuna
In name of Allah is our Door
- Shadhili dua taken from Hizbul Bahr

Introduction to Sufism - 'the Science of Ihsan' Course
Taught by Muhammad Sajad Ali webmaster of Deenislam.co.uk

** Please email or text to confirm lesson start dates**
**Note: No Dates of lessons have been given yet, i would like a reply via email or text
of all attendees interested or confirming their place/s on the course this needs to be done Asap**
-17th Oct 2011
Sign up today for Course via email or text message
-Insh'allah starts dates will be in late Oct/Early November

Please ring, text 0753 5654 125 or email

Amazing Powerful Introduction to the life of Al-Qutb Imam Shadhili
by Collated by Muhammad Sajad Ali
- 17th Oct 2011

Allahu Latifun bi 'ibadihi, yarzuqu man yasha'u, wa huwa l'-Qawiyyu l-'Aziz'
Allah is gentle with His servants. he provides for whom He wills, and he is the Strong the Mighty.

Just to introduce the spiritual station of our Master Imam Abul-hassan Shadhili al-Qutb,
When asked of his own spiritual master he responded:
'For a long time I was attached to the Shaykh Abdessalam ibn Mashish,
but now I am swimming in ten seas:
Five of them are human namely;
the Prophet (saw), Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, and ‘Ali,
while five of them are of the angelic beings, namely
Jibril, Mika’il, Izra’il, and the Greater Spirit.'
- From Imam Abul-hassan Shadhili

In a Dream Shaykh Abu al-‘Abbas (may God be pleased with him) said, “I went wandering through the kingdom of God and I saw Abu Madyan, a fair-skinned man with blue eyes, clinging to the leg of the throne. I said to him, ‘What are your fields of knowledge, and what is your station?’ He replied, ‘As for my fields of knowledge, they are 71, and as for my station, I am the 4th of the caliphs and the 1st of the 7 substitutes (abdal).’ I asked him, ‘What do you say about my Shaykh, Abu al- Hasan Al-Shadhili? He replied, ‘He has 40 more fields of knowledge than I do -meaning (111 Sciences). He is the sea which cannot be contained.’” - Taken from The Mystical Teachings of al-Shadhili from Ibn al-Sabbagh's Durrat al-Asrar wa Tufat al-Abarar translation by Elmer H. Douglas

'The Mohammedian Sciences (al-'ulum al-Mohammediya) are 111 in number. Each science contains 111,000 units and each unit contains into 111,000 sub-sciences. Whoever obtains a single Mohammedian Science will obtain the sciences from the first generation to the last generation. Note that according to the Arabic system of "Ilm 'Huruf al-Jumal" (calculating the numerical representation of the Arabic letters), if one was to calculate the numerical value of the word "Qutb" it would equal 111; Qaf:100, Ta'a:9, Ba'a:2=111] - Tijani text

And from these ten seas and (111 Sciences) the great Shadhili master left behind 18 Hizbs in total which the Hizb-ul-Bahr-Litany of the sea’, is the most famous and read, Imam Shadhili said, in reference to the Hizbul -Bahr; 'By God, I did not utter it Hizb-ul-Bahr-the 'Litany of the Sea' except as it came from the Prophet of God, from whose instruction I learned it.
"Guard it;' he said to me, "for it contains the Ismul-'A'zam -greatest name of God

As soon as the reader recites the first verses of the Hizbul–Bahr, 1,000 flank of army Jinns stand to attend on the left side and 1,000 flank of army angels stand by this right stand of the reader waiting for the orders to attack his enemies. And it is also read whenever one is in particular need of something or being attacked, in which case one makes one‘s intention and at certain words makes hand and blowing movements, and if read at sunrise at fajr it possesses particular spiritual properties too. -Hizb ul Bahr - Litany of the Sea

In his book "al-Futuhat al-Rabbaniyya"-'The Lordly Openings', Sheikh Muhammad al-Fasi describes his sheikh and his silsila, and puts forth 25 reasons for the superiority of the Shadhili silsila. Some of this is reproduced in Tabaqat al-Shadhiliyya al-Kubra, by al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Khuin al-Fasi al-Shadhili. -from Damas.st

The First order by Sidi Abd as-Salam ibn Mashish was to do wudu when he reached the top of Jabal `Alam, so he went down to the spring at the foot of the mountain, known to this day as `ayn ash-Shadhil,(today) each time he came up he was told go and do wudu again, this happen 3 times, the 3rd time the Shaykh understood inner wudu and to empty himself of all he knew, as how can a full vessel be filled with Nur and Wisdoms and the last mircle, was on his deathbed in Humaythira-( in Egypt), they recited the Hibzbul Bahr,
later that evening he Imam Shadhili called for a jar of water to be filled from the well of Humaythira. When he was told, "Ya Sidi, its water is salty and bitter, but the water we have is fresh and sweet," he replied, "Give me some of it for my intention is not what you think." When we brought him the well-water he drank a little of it, rinsed his mouth with it and spat into the jar. Then he said, "Pour the water into the well. Immediately the well-water turned sweet and fresh to taste, and it was abundant enough to refresh all the travellers who stopped to replenish themselves at this place.

The Classes will be runfrom:
Time Saturday 11am-1pm
5 mins walk from (private address that will be text or emailed)
Dollis Hill station london
Willesden Green,NW2  London.

Taught by myself Muhammad Sajad Ai -Sufi webaster of http://www.deenislam.co.uk
Time Saturdays/Sundays or evenings Dates To Be Confirmed
Advance booking is required

One of the venues is so far be confirmed in London
If there is a demand to run Classes in
Birmingham/Slough, Berkshire
or any other City/Town simple ring or email.

Cost of the classes are £10.00 per session
As i will be travelling from Birmingham.

All interested in an introduction to classical Sufism taught in a modern frame work of Mind mapping and the how to understand classical sufism and in modern times too.

Please ring, text 0753 5654 125 or email

dalail ul Khayrat, dalail al Khayrat, qasidah burda

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