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Salawat Al-Fatih (durood Fatih)

Salawat Al-Fatih is held in particular esteem with the Tijaniyya Order. In English, it goes like this:-

O God bless our Master Muhammad (pbuh) who opened what had been closed, and who is the Seal of what had gone before, he who makes the Truth Victorious by the Truth, the guide to thy straight path, and bless his household as is the due of his immense position and grandeur.

the above transliteration is :-

Allahumma salli ' wa sallim was baarik ala Sayyidina Muhammadil

nil-fatihi lima Ughliqa wal khatimi lima sabaqa wan-naa-siril-haqqi

bil-haqqi wal-hadi ila Sirati-kal-mustaqima sal-lal-lahu 'alayhi

wa 'ala alihi wa-ashaabihi haqqa qadrihi wa-miq-da rihil-'azim.

From a Tijaniyya Order member

The history of Salatul al-Fatih is this. A man named Sayyidi Bekri went into khalwa for 40 years, asking Allah to give him the best Salatul-ala Nabiyya. It was written on the wall in light and he was told not to give it to others until the owner of it appeared.

Another version but no arabic

Allahumma Salli'Ala Sayyidina Muhammadil Fatihi Lima Ughliqa wal Khatimi Lima Sabaqa Nasril Haqqi Bil Haqqi Wal Hadi Ila Siratikal Mustaqim wa 'Ala Alihi Haqqa Qadrihi wa Miqdarihil Azim.

From another Tijaniyya Order member

The reason why it is the best Salat Ala Nabi, Because all other Salat ala Nabi end with Wa Sallim, or Tasliman. Salim means Peace. Mankind is the only thing that needs peace. Allah and his angels don't need peace. Salatul Fatih ends with Azeem in the dua. But after finishing the prayer ends with Al Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi Aalimeen. Another reason it is the best and has all those blessings as you described is because it praises The Prophet before the creation of Time and it praises him After creation. The opener and the seal. It is also said to be equivelant to reading the Quran 6 thousand times. Why? How? Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse said any Salawat Ala Nabiy especially Salawatul Fatih is the Quran of Quran. Salawatul Fatih is different from other because it is the Prayer of Allah and His Angels. Another main reason why Salatul Ala Nabi is so Powerful and great is because Only Allah can send prayers on the Prophet(PBUH). When you say Allahuma Sali You have nothing to do with the prayer anymore it is just Allah and the Prophet(PBUH). The Tariqa Tijaniyya is based on Salawatul Fatih it is the main difference between the tijaniyya and other turuq. For this approval has come from the Prophet to Shaykh Ahmad Tijani in broad daylight.

From the Tijaniyya - abun-Nasr; an excert from:- And Muhammad Is His Messenger : The Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety by Annemarie Schimmel, ISBN: 0807841285

The Salat (Durood) is considered to have merits of eight categories…. He who reads it once is guaranteed the bless of the two abodes; also reciting it once atones for all sins and is equivalent to six thousand (6000) times all prayers of glorification to God, all Dhikr and Dua'a, long and short which have occurred in the Universe. He who recites it ten (10) times acquires recompense greater than that due to a Wali (saint) who lived ten Thousand years, but did not say it. Saying it once is equivalent to the prayers of all angels, human beings, and Jinn from the beginning of their creation to the time when it was uttered, and saying is a second time is like [i.e. equivalent to the recompense of the first] plus the recompense of the first a and the second, and so on.

A book of Salawat durood ShareefIt is because of this Durood that he was awarded the title Siddiq which means truthful.Hadhrat Abul-Muqaraab says that a man's total sins will be washed away if he recites Durood Faith 40 times.Hadhrat Shaykh Muhammad Bakari says that recitatin of Durood Faith once a day relieves the recitor from the fire of hell.Hadhrat Syed Ahmed Hillam says the Durood Fatih was favourite routine of Hadhrat Shaykh Abul-Qadir Gilani.The great Saints say that Durood Fatih is actual and real light.Hadhrat shaykh Yusuf Bin Ismail says that this Durood shareef is the Greatest mystry of Allah ta'ala. It brings 100% success and happiness to the reciterIn fact this Durood brings prosperity and luck and solves all the naughty problems by the grace of Allah ta' ala.When a man recites this Durood shareef angels of Allah ta'ala surround him, mercy covers him and peace starts descending on him.


Compiled by Muhammad Sajad Ali