Chapter 1:
Literature Review

Ethnic Minority & the Health care
Importance of Parent Education

Asian Women & Parent Education
Research Question

Chapter 2:
Research Proposal

Summary of the Literature Review

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Access to Research Site
Ethics Approval
Dissemination of Findings



Research Plan
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Title: What are the parent education needs of the non-English speaking Pakistani women?

Author: Hussain, Salma

Parent education is not a new subject, but a growing interest amongst health professionals. Alongside, other problems of parent education, health professionals are unable or perhaps find it difficult to meet the needs of the non-English speaking Pakistani women due to the language and cultural barriers.

The first chapter of the dissertation analyses the available literature surrounding the ethnic minorities and their access to health care. Furthermore, the researcher explores the history of parent education and its connection with the Asian women in general.

The second chapter puts forward a proposal in attempt to solve the current problem. A qualitative study will be conducted using a phenomenological approach. Data will be collected from a non-probability, purposive sample of approximately 10 non-English speaking women, using a semi-structured interview. The participants will be recruited from a community setting (inner city maternity unit)

Finally, a written report of the study will be prepared and the findings disseminated to allow midwives and other health professionals to assess the implications of their midwifery practice and perhaps to provide a basis for further research.


There are currently many areas within the healthcare service which are questionable, especially within the midwifery arena. Prior, to any research studies, the researcher needs to explore and analyse the topic under discussion in depth and investigate a gap in theory.

This literature review will look at a number of issues surrounding the ethnic minorities and health care very broadly, investigating issues such as racism and inequalities in health care and the difficulties in providing a service for the ethnic minorities.

The researcher will further explore one particular area within midwifery: parent education for the non-English speaking Pakistani women. The choice of topic emerged through a general interest and due to the lack of research. Another justification for the topic choice was derived after a long placement in an area of Birmingham, consisting of the non-English speaking population. The researcher found that promotion concerning parent education was lacking and anecdotal evidence suggested that these women were not particularly interested so very little was done to promote it.

The aim is to explore the issues surrounding parent education and the non-English speaking Pakistani women, why parent education is so alienating and how health professionals can improve? therefore filling the gap in theory.

The review will predominately consist of research, personal opinions and anecdote. Furthermore, a research proposal will be written putting forward a question and a sound justification for the methodology utilised.