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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

Invitation message to DeenIslam's FREE Sufi Marriage Serivce

'DeenIslam' is aimed to promote Sunni/Sufi teachings of classical Islam which has now added a new link onto its current list of projects.

DeenIslam's marriage service has recently been set up with the intention of aiding Muslim brothers and sisters who wish to look for a marraige partner through Halal means.The service provided is aimed at those who follow the Sufi path,namely people of Tariqh or those who just follow one of the four Imaams,and are possibly looking for a marraige partner with the same approach.

These days with all of the fitna and temptations that are prevelant around us it has become difficult for many of us, both men and women, to keep strong Imaan and hold fast to the Sunnah of our Beloved Messenger, peace be upon him.

Since marraige is half of Deen it is needless to say that we will all eventually need a life partner who will be able to remind us of Allah, The Rasool peace be upon him and motivate us to excel for the Pleasure Of Allah.

Keeping in mind that especially for many sisters looking for a marraige partner can somtimes be a sensitive issue,the brother running the project aims to keep strict confidentiality and privacy of all applicants, both male and female.The applications and profiles of all applicants will not be available for public viewing. Rather each prospective couple will a be personally matched behind the scenes by the team running the project.

There is a saying 'you will attract what you are'. Weather this be in our friendships,aquaintances, neighbours or indeed our spouses.So if we want the best husbands,we will need to be the best wives. And if we want the best wives we will need to be the best husbands.

DeenIslam invites you to consider its new project 'Sufi Nikah' if you are thinking about completing half of your Deen. And if you feel it isn't to your liking,then please think about it,as at some point you will need to awaken your desire to be married for thePleasure of Allah.

Please keep forwaring this marraige promotion to other Muslims. You never know,you might even be doing somebody a favour.

For all information on terms and conditions,alongside details on how to apply visit: www.DeenIslam.co.uk Just click on the marraige link.

DeenIslam.co.uk is based in the United Kingdom its services are open to all in UK and EU Muslims, Since being set up only four months ago one marraige have already taken place. Insha'Allah with your interest we hope to produce many more unions in this way.

Jazak Allah Khairan all W'Salaams.

Invitation message to DeenIslam's FREE Sufi Marriage Serivce
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