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Free Sufi Nikah
services -Aimed at Practising Muslims
How does it work once you've fill the form in..?
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Nikah form --Aimed at Practising Sunni or people of Sufi Tariqah -UK

How does it work

Currently we have Murids of Different Tariqahs(shadhilyah, Qadiri, Naqshbandi, Haqqani) all from the UK.
The service is aimed at UK Sunni /Sufi Muslims

The way it works for those interested is like this;

1. All fill forms in and return them.
2. Sisters are forwarded all Male canidates with Photos Plz
3. Sisters interested will reply back the me out of Adaab.
4. This request is given to the brothers
5. Both parties then may eamil each other.
6. Sisters that meet male canidates requirements are then forwarded to
male canidates, but NO details of contact are given with prior permission from the Sisters first.

How to meet:

A: They may meet each other at an Islamic Events or Dhikr sessions with Sisters Mehram or female friend.

B: If both parties Live in London they can come to one of Dhikr Sesssons in London/Slough.

C: They may want to meet in cafe in a public place with Chaperon-

D: any other suggests, the three above are within Adaab of Shariah..?

Chaperon-(which is An older person who attends and supervises a social gathering for young people, orA person, especially an older or married woman, who accompanies a young unmarried woman in public)

So far i've got a friend of mine Married off(however the Girls side were againest the whole wedding because they were into Hindu Belief of Caste Systems - but still got them married off last Week)!! hip hip horay.!!

NOTE:i also arranged the Imams for that small wedding i have about two or three Imams that will get get people marrired off if help is needed.

plz help by filling in the forms and returning them and plz forward this message to others Sufi Tariqah brothers and sister for it be have any success and pray for the Saake and Haqq of Surah Fatiha and the Barakah of the Shaykhs that we're given success in helping each other for completing Full our Deen

Our Contact :- 0753- 5654-125
Please email back the form once complete With photo to info@marrymuslims.co.uk

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