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Some notes about me and some of my sufi articles and my famous Sufic Mind Maps
- Muhammad Sajad Ali -June 2011

My Sufic Minp Map daigrams

Sufi Mind map - 9 Station of Certainty from Imam Haddad's text-PDF file

Sufi Mind map -Alchemy of Happiness-Kimiya'e Saadat from Imam Al-Ghazzali's which is based on
"The Revival of Religious Sciences" (Ihya Ulum al-Din)-PDF file

Sufi Mind Map 4 Shadhili Secrets- Hizbul Bahr,Qasida Burda,Hikam,Dalail Khayrat -PDF file
Note: there links within this mind map that are linked to full E-book some are large files

Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map -17 Ruinous Traits
Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map - Notes- Word File
The Mind map 'The Sufi of Science of Self-Realization-A Guide to the Seventeen Ruinous Traits-' is based on Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's book -Its my simple guide of the whole book, its a tool/aid for the book

My Sufi Training Course homepage- 1st steps of the Salik(seeker) on the- Spiritual Journey
Note: There are 5 diagrams in the Sufi traning course,(see below) if you open the diagrams and then click then futher click the diagram there is text explaining them. The above homepage has all diagram notes and extra notes too.
1- Main mind map diagram of Path to happiness
2) Tawba Mind map Diagram
3) Shadaha has 24 Letters 7 Words & 7 Organs to Heart-7- ways to the heart Diagram
4 ) Mind map diagram Sabr -in Trials/ Afflications

5) Table of the Levels of Seven Nafs/Souls -(Latifahs) and Attributes - with commentary text References to 'Table of the Levels of Seven Nafs/Souls
Muraqabah Shadhiliyah perspective - Schematic map of seven subtle (Latifah) centres & Three higher spheres of the subtle(Latifah) body taken from the Shadhiliyyah Vol .1 by Shaykh Noorudeen Durkee

Diary - How I obtain my 'ijazas of the Dalailul Khayrat and give then out Experiences

My Sufi Journey to my Shaykh, the living Qutb 'Arif billah Sidi Hamza Qadiri-Budshishi part 1
My Sufi Journey to my Shaykh, the living Qutb 'Arif billah Sidi Hamza Qadiri-Budshishi part 2
My Sufi Journey to my Shaykh, the living Qutb 'Arif billah Sidi Hamza Qadiri-Budshishi part 3

Just a few interesting articles by me, there are lot more in the main site

Diary - My spiritual Journey through the Blessed land of Damascus
The Spiritual Secrets of Salat Ad-Duha-Forenoon-(The period of time between sunrise and noon
The Spiritual Secret of Muraqaba –the Sufi Science or technique of Meditation
Importance of being connected to a living Sufi Master-(Guiding Shaykh-waliyyan murshid)
The Secrets of Allah's Name-Ya Salaamu to cure sickness
The Secret powers of salawat / Durood  Naariyah-The Fire-A Must to read
The Sunnah and Blessings in Healing effects of Cats- they help in the speed of Injury Recovery

The good dream of a man who is salih is a forty-sixth part of prophecy
Importance of Spiritual Sufi Meditation – Zikr (dhikr)
Importance to Say and Learn :- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah ( Read 70,000- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah)

Sufi Introduction to the 99 Names of Allah and sufi methods of using the names especially Ya Latifu
With Matrixes tables guides too Pdf download
27 pages PDF File

Full Sufi E-Book including intro and the '99 Names of Allah'
large PDF File

This is just a selection of my work for more click here About Me

any Questions please Email me on islam2jannat@yahoo.co.uk
or Text or ring me: 0753-5654-125 (44753-5654-125)

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