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Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map -17 Ruinous Traits
Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map - Notes
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a good deram is forty-sixth part of prophecy
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2. Nasiha - My Advise and also some Frequently Asked Questions

My Personal Advise ( Nasiha) - Introduction Important to read
My Personal Advise ( Nasiha) - Adab of Salaat-ul-Istikharah
My Personal Advise (Nasiha) on Sadaqah for every Day with a Dua - Sadaqah is a Shield from Balah-trials/problems. 70 Problems will attack you everyday
My Personal Advise Nasiha) on Books to Study for the Beginner
My Personal Advise Nasiha) Dreams also Developing Insights and Spiritual Openings to Allah
My Personal Advise (Nasiha) - Slandering and covering the faults of your brother
My Personal Advise on how to use Western Toliets and Hygiene
My Personal Advise on Never Despair in the Mercy of Allah
My Personal Advise on boyfriends, girlfriends - what do I do?
Qustion asked about Sexual Desire
My Personal Advise on How the Living can Help the dead and the Best Effective Dua's by reading 70,000- La-e-lahaa ill-lal-lah
My Personal Advise on :-Khatam Shareef & Ghawth al Azim's Help & Dua's for protection