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a good deram is forty-sixth part of prophecy
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6. These are some of the Most hit and Interesting Articles from My Sufi Forum
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Shaykh Shadhili's -Hizbul Bahr Litany of the Sea-Arabic English+Downloadable Audio - My Sufi Forum you need to be member to see links
The Mystical Teachings of Shaykh Abu Hasan Shadhili
Diagam & Text -Duas - Muraqbah Shadhaili Way a Must - My Sufi Forum
Silsilah - Chain of Shaykhs diagam of Shadhailiyyah

Downloadable Shadhiliyyah Darqawiyyah book text is Pages 230+ E-book Word - My Sufi Forum
Prayer Of Qutb Shaykh Ibn Mashish- As-Salatul-Mashishiyyah Arabic/English -The Shaykh of Shaykh aBul Hasan Shadhaili- My Sufi Forum
Wird al-Latif-Arabic/English-Translation & downloadable Audio by Hamza Yusuf with Commentary - My Sufi Forum
Foundations of the Spiritual Path By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq
The Qutb Shaykh . ibn 'Ajiba: Basic Research travel & visiting Shaykh

Allah's Mercy in forgiving sins in Sickness & Hardship-- a sister that is having many issues is her life so this was given to help ease the pain of her past personal pains and abuses! - The 17 benefits of tribulation/Problems

The Life and Spiritual surrounds of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi- compiled from differrent sources - My Sufi Forum
Ghauth, Qutb, Autad, Abdal, etc.

Benefiting the dead, Burial rites & Isaal-e-thawaab

Spiritual Benefits of Ayatul Kursi - one of the 14 Ayats
The Benefits of Yasin, al Waqiah, and al Mulk
Bismillah - 19 letters ayatul-aman- verse of Protection
40 Rabban's in Quran
Sciences of the Quran-Tafsir AlQurtubi-tafsir of Ibn Juzayy

Dua for Marriage- Shaykh Muzaffer Ozak AL-jerrahi
34 ways - Duas Seeing the Prophet (PBUH) in dreams & awake
Qasidah Burda -Audio/video Full English/Arabic text & co

iWird al-Latif-Arabic/English-Translation & Audio -Commentry by Sidi Hamza Yusuf
Pictures of Great Haba'ib - imam Haddad's Maqam and others
Niyyah Dua- Used for Learning Knowledge a Must -Imam Haddad
Assessing One's Spiritual State - Imam Haddad
Illicit (Haraam) and Suspect Food-Imam -Haddad

Full Genealogy Prophets of Islam -diagram
Simple Illustrated Hajj Charts Guide --Diagrams
Chronological Charts/Guides of islam - Diagrams

Downloadable E-Books about Rajab 2006 Duas and text
FULL Shahur Ramadhan - Sufic Text, Fiqh Health eating, Audio