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Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map -17 Ruinous Traits
Sufi Science of Self-realization Mind map - Notes
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a good deram is forty-sixth part of prophecy
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4. My Sufi Mind Mapping diagrams - Training Course based on Sufi books

My Sufi Training Course- 1st steps of the Salik- Spiritual Journey Via Mind Mapping Diagams made simple
Also see Minding Maps and diagrams to Tariqah made Simple
My Sufic Mind Mapping diagram based on 'The Sufi Science of Self-Realization-A Guide to the Seventeen Ruinous Traits-Word Doc , the Ten Steps to Discipleship and the Six Realities of the Heart' by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani downloadable - Word Document Also extra Notes Downloadable file right clickand save target. Its my simple guide of the whole book, its a tool/aid for the book.
Assessing One's Spiritual State - based on Imam Haddad texts and others - My Sufi Forum
Illicit (Haraam) and Suspect Food-Imam –Haddad which I've also added some notes
- My Sufi Forum
Sufic Dua for Finding your Spiritua lSufi Shaykh Master in dreams ....... Asking “Ya Shaykh Madad!” – Istighatha -Isti`ana
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